Bringing you the best deals and prices for Microsoft Office 365 and 5TB OneDrive Cloud Storage LIFETIME for 5 devices

You're in luck if you want to buy Microsoft Office for your laptop or PC as we've searched around all the best retailers to bring you the cheapest deals on the net. Microsoft Office prices can be high if you're not careful.

So why settle for the RRP, when we can show you where to get a cheap Microsoft Office deal from reliable retailers? Take a look below and we'll give you the latest prices for both Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Office 2016. We're expecting a brand new version at some point next year, but prices will be much higher than the current batch for a while, so these could be your best options for cheap Microsoft Office discounts.


BUY Microsoft Office365 Lifetime for 5 devices + 5TB Onedrive

If you're looking to buy Microsoft Office 365, you should know that this is a subscription-based service. The prices below are for your first year for one user to use on one PC, along with a tablet or mobile too.

The advantages of using Office 365 include having access to all the latest versions of programs in the Microsoft Office suite and having 5TB of OneDrive cloud storage. The latter is particularly useful for editing documents on the go. So you could go from writing on the laptop/desktop to making a few changes or crucial last minute updates on your mobile or tablet. If the online cloud storage and device switching won't be useful, we'd recommend scrolling further down this page and consider buying Microsoft Office 2016 instead for a one-off fee.




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